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Polysonics DCT-7088: Portable Transit Time Flowmeter/Logger


Accuracy to ±0.5%, flow sensitivity of 0.001 ft/s, bi-directional flow measurement.

Allows for easy installation without flow interruption.

Ensures leak free measurements & with zero pressure drop.

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Polysonics DCT7088
Flowmeter; Transit Time –

Combining digital signal processing (DSP) with correlation detection methods, the DCT7088 features exceptional performance and flexibility. While principally designed for clean liquid applications, the instrument is tolerant of liquids with higher concentrations of entrained solids or gas bubbles than was previously possible with transit time technology. The non-intrusive, clamp-on transducers can be installed without flow interruption and insure leak-free measurements with zero pressure drop. The simple menu-driven operation of the DCT7088 allows the meter to be configured in a fraction of the time necessary for competitive portable transit time flowmeters.


  • Accuracy to 0.5%
  • 0.01 ft/s flow sensitivity
  • NEMA 6 environmental sealing
  • Easy to install, clamp-on design
  • Bi-directional flow measurement
  • Powerful 40,000 point data logger
  • UltraScan diagnostics & wave form analysis


Equipment Specifications

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UOM - Unit of Measure


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