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Fuji FLC S1012: Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter


Portable type ultrasonic flowmeter utilizing transit time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes from the outside. It is a compact and light-weight instrument incorporating the latest electronics and digital signal processing technologies.

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Fuji FLCS1012
Flowmeter; Ultrasonic –

The Fuji Portaflow X ultrasonic flow meter utilizes the transit time difference principle for measuring flow rates through pipes from the outside. The Fuji Portaflow X ultrasonic flow meter is compact, portable, and lightweight, incorporating the latest breakthroughs in digital signal processing and electronics. In addition, the Fuji Portaflow X ultrasonic flow meter realizes high performance and easy operation.

One of the most attractive features of the Fuji Portaflow X ultrasonic flow meter is the non-invasive setup, which enables multiple flow measurements of different running systems and offers a significant cost advantage over time.

Some of the most common applications of the Fuji Portaflow X ultrasonic flow meter include: backup for an already installed flow meter system, water supply and sewage treatment, flow measurement systems, boilerwater / feedwater supplies, cooling water, cooling oil, and deionized water for semiconductor manufacturing, among others. The Fuji Portaflow X ultrasonic flow meter may be set up with a wide variety of sensors from small diameters to large diameters, over a wide temperature range.


  • Large backlit LCD displays flow rates and totalizing functions together
  • Simple 10 min setup and easy operation
  • Sound velocity measuring function eliminates temperature and pressure errors, and enables easy setup for unknown materials
  • Enhanced anti-bubble measurement technology
  • Compact and light-weight at 3.3 lbs
  • Built-in data logger with direct download to PC
  • Typical accuracy is ±0.5% to ±1.0% of velocity on calibrated system
  • Variety of detectors for pipes ranging from 0.50″ to 235″ diameter



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