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Megger 247002-11: Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter (DLRO)


Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter (DLRO)

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The Megger 247000 series digital low-resistance ohmmeter measures resistance in switch and circuit breaker contacts, transformers, generators, motor windings, metal alloys, graphite electrodes and other low-resistance electrical wiring. The meter is autoranging and digital for safety and ease of use. Kelvin-type four-wire measurement of resistance eliminates errors caused by the lead and contact resistances of the meter. Measurements taken by the ohmmeter are accurate to + or 0.25%. The digital readout has an automatic zero circuit to eliminate field test inaccuracies. The 247000 series is used by electricians and electrical contractors.


  • Autoranging digital meter for ease of use
  • Uses Kelvin-type four-wire measurement to eliminate errors caused by lead and contact resistances
  • Measurement accuracy of + or – 0.25%
  • Digital readout with automatic zero circuit eliminates field test inaccuracies


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