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AEMC PEL 103 – w/o sensors: Power & Energy Logger Model PEL 103 (W/LCD, No Sensors)


Power & Energy Logger Model PEL 103 (W/LCD, No Sensors)

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The PEL 100 series is a low cost, simple to use, one-, two- (split-phase) and three-phase (Y, Δ) power/energy data logger. It is available in two models, a no display Model PEL102 or with a backlit digital display, Model PEL103.

This product is ideal for electricians, engineers and contractors doing work in the area of building and system monitoring and upgrades, as well as residential energy audits. All vital energy data is easily measured, recorded, analyzed and reports generated with confidence and minimal configuration time and effort.

The PEL 100 series has many up-to-date features demanded by the present market conditions.


  • Power & Energy Logger Model PEL 103 (includes LCD)
  • Power/Energy data logging for 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz and DC distribution systems.
  • USB, LAN, and Bluetooth communication
  • 17 types of supported hook-ups or electrical distribution systems (see list below)
  • All in one kit, including (3) 3,000A mini-flex probes (3″ diameter) and software

Economical Compact Simple To Use

  • Simple to use, single, dual-split and three phase (Y, Δ) power & energy loggers
  • Offers all the necessary functions for Power/Energy data logging for most of the 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz and DC distribution systems worldwide offering numerous distribution set-ups
  • Direct current measurements from 50mA up to 10,000A with MA193 external current sensors
  • Power measurements: VA, W and var
  • Energy measurements VAh, Wh (source/load indication) and varh (including quadrant indication)
  • Power Factor (PF), Cos (Φ), and Tan (Φ), Crest Factor, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for voltages and currents
  • Harmonics from the fundamental signal up to the 50th order for 50/60Hz voltages and currents
  • Frequency measurements
  • RMS and DC measurements @ 128 samples/cycle each phase simultaneously
  • Bright blue triple LCD on the Model PEL 103 (3 phases shown simultaneously)
  • Storage of measured and calculated values on a SD-Card or SDHC-Card
  • Automatic recognition of the connected current sensors/probes
  • Configuration of current and voltage ratios to external PT and CT ratios



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UOM - Unit of Measure


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