HIOKI MR8741: Multi Channel Memory Hi Corder (16 Ch)

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Multi Channel Memory Hi Corder (16 Ch)

The MR8740 and MR8741 are rack-mountable data acquisition systems that deliver high-speed, multi-channel measurements over maximum of 32+22 channels. The MR8990 DVM unit is a 2-channel input unit for the MR8740/MR8741 for measuring minute fluctuations in output from sensors in automobiles and other equipment and voltage fluctuations in devices such as batteries at high levels of precision and resolution.


  • Use the new DVM Unit MR8990 to measure DC voltages on 2 channels (for use with the Memory HiCorder MR8741/8740 only)
  • High accuracy of ±0.01 % and super-high 1.2 million-count resolution
  • High-precision measurement for applications such as investigating minute voltage fluctuations in sensor output
  • High-speed sampling at 500 samples/s
  • The MR8741 (MR8740) can save data from 16 (54) Digital Voltmeter Units at once. (DCV measurement only)
  • Isolated input (channel-to-channel and channel-to-chassis: max. rated voltag to earth of 300 V AC/DC)
  • Unlike standard multi-channel scan-type loggers, these instruments can perform simultaneous sampling


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Product Name HIOKI MR8741: Multi Channel Memory Hi Corder (16 Ch)
UOM - Unit of Measure EACH
Manufacturer HIOKI