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Vanguard ATO-250: 250A Low Resistance Ohmmeter


Vanguard ATO-250: 250A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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Vanguard ATO-250
Ohmmeter; Low Resistance, 250A –

The ATO-250, a microprocessor-controlled micro-ohmmeter, accurately
measures resistances ranging from 1 micro-ohm to 300 milliohms. The ATO-250
allows the user to select any current from 10 amperes to 250 amperes (unfil-
tered direct current) to a test load; the resistance and current reading is dis-
played on a 4-line by 20-character backlit LCD.

The ATO-250 meter applies a current (unfiltered direct) from 10A to 250A to
the resistance load being tested. The user can select any current setting by using
a dial on the front panel. The read out is displayed directly in micro-ohms or
milliohms. No calculations are required to compensate for lead resistances when
using the ATO-250 meter.

10 to 250 amperes (unfiltered direct) current
Digital resistance reading from 1 micro-ohm to 300 milliohms
2.5 inch built-in thermal printer
Stores 63 records (of 96 readings)

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UOM - Unit of Measure


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