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Vanguard EZCT: Current Transformer Test Set


Current Transformer Test Set

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Vanguard EZCT
Current Transformer Test Set; 1200V –

The EZCT is a microprocessor-based, current-transformer test set. This rugged and portable test set can perform the current transformer (CT) excitation, CT current-ratio, and winding polarity tests. Current transformers can be tested in their field-mounted configuration, eliminating the need to remove bushings or current transformers from the host equipment.

The EZCT features a back-lit LCD screen (4 lines by 20 characters) that is viewable in both bright sunlight and low-light levels. A rugged, alpha-numeric, membrane keypad is used to enter test information and to control the units functions. The test voltage range (50V at 2A, 200V at 2A, 1,200V at 1.5A) is selected with a switch on the control panel. A voltage control knob is used to control the variable test voltage output.


  • Perform Saturation, Ratio and Polarity Tests
  • Fully Automated
  • Comprehensive Graphic and Tabulated Test Reports
  • Plot Multiple Saturation Curves
  • Store 64 Records (of 10 Saturation Curves)
  • Computer Interface


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UOM - Unit of Measure


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