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USA Borescopes USAVS4-4-1500: 4-Way Articulating Videoscope


USA Borescopes USAVS4-4-1500 Specs:

Diameter: 4mm

Length: 1500mm

Articulation: 4 way

Screen: 4.5” LCD (752×582)

Articulation range: 120°+

Storage: SD Card

Battery Life: 4 hours

Light: LED (50,000 hours)

Sheathing: Tungsten

Camera housing: Stainless Steel

Waterproof: IP67

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More Information

The USAVS4-4-1500 is part of USA Borescopes’ economy videoscope line up and offers end users the opportunity to upgrade from a lower cost fiberscope to an articulating videoscope with its own internal lightsource, video recording, picture taking, and SD card storage

This unit features tungsten sheathing as found in many other higher end videoscope systems. The image quality provides an improvement over flexible fiberscopes which typically will feature between 9,000-15,000 pixels. This unit is a basic system to allow for a low cost inspection option.

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