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USA Borescopes USAVSJ-4-1300AV Aviation Series: All Way Articulating Videoscope


USA Borescopes USAVSJ-4-1300AV Technical parameters:

Display: 3.5 inches TFT LCD
Probe Diameter: 3.8 mm
Light Source: Optic fiber light guide
Camera Pixel: 450,000
Articulation: 360° all-way
Tube Length: 1.3m
Depth of Field:10-100mm
Viewing Angle:120°
Bending Angle: ≥160°
Brightness: 0~6 levels
Memory: Standard TF card:8G, Maximum: 32G
Waterproof Level: IP67
Working Time: ≥4 hours
Battery Capacity: 3200mAH
Battery Brand: Sumsung/ LG (18650 Cell)
Power: Rechargeable lithium battery

This portable videoscope is perfect for use as a Helicopter borescope as it can be used as a Helicopter Engine Borescope or helicopter airframe borescope. The same is true for Aviation borescope professionals; the portable borescope can be used as an aircraft engine borescope or simply as an aviation borescope for frame of landing gear inspections.

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The USA Borescopes USAVSJ-4-1300AV features camera chip in the tip technology, built in LED lightsource, lightweight and portable design, 3.5” LCD screen, picture taking and video recording 

This unit also utilizes rechargable lithium ion batteries. This 3.8mm joystick articulating Videoscope features a good image quality, light output along with other basic functions you would require in preforming an inspection. 

The price point of this system allows for an entry level product to be used on such applications as aircraft engine inspection, airframe inspection, automotive inspection, and many other types of field applications. One advantage with this system with already established shops who already have a higher end borescope, is to utilize the USAVSJ-4-1300 in applications where it is not necessary to use their higher end / higher cost unit thereby reducing the possibility of accidental damage and deferring it to a system much more easily repaired or replaced.

USA Borescopes USAVSJ-4-1300AV Features:

■ Changeable Insertion tube (easily replace in the field if damaged or if larger size is needed)
■ Joystick-Controlled, 360 ° Articulation.
■ Highly Durable and Flexible Insertion Tube.
■ High-Intensity LED Illumination.
■ True Portability in a Compact Package.
■ Battery Powered Operation.

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