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UltraTEV Plus 2 Partial Discharge Test Set


The UltraTEV Plus partial discharge test set is designed to make asset inspection easy. It incorporates additional sensing capabilities and real time advances analytical features enabling you to distinguish between true PD not and other interference allowing you to make better decision while saving time and money. Using expertly designed classification algorithms the UltraTEV Plus² is able to help the operator understand the results, interpreting the data and displaying clear results on-screen so engineers know immediately the condition of the asset they are inspecting. The UTP2 will help keep your electrical assets free of insulation failure.



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More Information

The UltraTEV ® Plus2 brings
together techniques and a wealth
of experience and insight to make it
easier than ever to avoid failures on
your high voltage network.

UltraTEV ® Plus2
This latest hand-held Partial Discharge (PD) instrument is easy to
use, and combines additional sensing capabilities with real time
advanced analytical features. The ability to distinguish true PD
from noise and other interference means that you can make better
decisions, save time, money and enhance safety.




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