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SMC LET-400-RD: Primary Injection Tester


SMC LET-400-RD: Primary Injection Tester

Test of measurement and protection transformers. In general, primary injection tests including the complete loop, such as current transformer, cables, protective relays, and circuit breaker.

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The measurement equipment ETP-4 is a unit that automatically performs the following measurements in all type of power, distribution, or instruments transformers:

Short circuit Impedance measurement.

Short circuit current at the test voltage.

Short circuit power loss.

The unit performs the test in a fully automatic way. The test voltage is generated through a motor driven ‘variac’. This assures the repeatability of the successive tests in terms of the voltage application mode and avoids undesired risks due to sudden transients.


  • The software program guides the correct connection of the test cables on the primary winding and the short circuits that must be done in the secondary (or tertiary) side, according with the specific connection group the transformer under test has
  • The software program recommends the tap changer positions that should be tested according with the maximum regulation % and the nominal tap
  • Displays and records the current and voltage waveform. This improves the diagnostic capability for further analysis


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UOM - Unit of Measure


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