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Signal Crafters 60: Impedance Magnitude Meter


Impedance Magnitude Meter

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Signalcrafters 60
Meter; Impedance Magnitude –


  • PLC DesignSpecifically designed for Line Trap work; operates from 30kHz -500kHz, the correct frequency range for most traps.
  • Direct MeasurementNo calculations required, directly measures and displays the Magnitude of Impedance for the circuit under test. Makes resonant frequency determination quick & simple.
  • Easy-to-readMeasurements are displayed on a large 4″ taut-band, ruggedized, fluid-damped, hermetically sealed analog meter.
  • Dual RangeSelect either 0.1-4k ohm or 1.0-40k ohm scales for either finding impedance over a band or locating peak impedance resonant frequencies.
  • DC Output0 to +2 Vdc at a convenient BNC port for driving an Oscilloscope or X-Y Plotter.
  • Field PortableWeighs in at under 5 lbs., battery operated, housed in a rugged .060″ thick aluminum case.
  • Battery SaverClosing the lid automatically turns the instrument off.


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UOM - Unit of Measure


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