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Megger OTS 60PB: Oil Dielectric Tester


Oil Dielectric Tester

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Megger OTS60PB
Oil Dielectric Test Set, 60kV –

The Megger range of automatic oil testers offer fully automatic testing with many advanced features. The design allows the operator to simply prepare an oil test vessel, load it with the sample oil, place it in the chamber and initiate the test sequence. The test set then carries out, the series of tests as specified in a large number of oil testing specifications. These define the sequence of tests including the stand and stir times, rate of voltage rise and number of tests resulting in a calculation of the average value of the oil breakdown strength. Withstand or proof testing can also be selected. This test subjects the oil to a preselected voltage for 1 minute to check for a breakdown.


  • Microprocessor controlled fully automatic oil test sets
  • Wide choice of vessels and accessories
  • Portable and laboratory units


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