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HIOKI 9279: Universal Clamp On Probe (AC/DC 500A)


HIOKI 9279: Universal Clamp On Probe (AC/DC 500A)

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Hioki AC/DC clamp sensors are best-in-class devices for use with power meters, Memory HiCorders and high performance oscilloscopes. The 9279 is a DC to 20 kHz/500A sensor, ideal for monitoring waveforms of switching power supplies, inverters, power conditioners, etc.


  • Freq. band: DC to 20 kHz
  • High-precision sensors to view waveforms or to use with (for AC/DC)
  • Current: 500A
  • Use with the 3193 POWER HiTESTER or similar instrument, for power measurement
  • Jar Size: 40mm (1.57)


Equipment Specifications

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UOM - Unit of Measure


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