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HIOKI 3274: 10MHz 150A AC/DC Current Probe


10MHz 150A AC/DC Current Probe

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Hioki flat bandwidth current probes are best-in-class current sensors for use with Memory HiCorders and high performance oscilloscopes. The 3274 supports wide DC to 10 MHz bandwidth signals and 150A of continuous high input, and is ideal for capturing transient current signals from switching power supplies, inverters, and motor controllers.


  • Even with the wide DC to 10 MHz frequency band, current wave forms up to 150 A can be directly observed in applications such as power device and power-on in-rush current monitoring
  • Connects directly to the Memory HiCorder to provide waveform monitoring
  • Connects directly to oscilloscope BNC input terminal
  • An optional is available for use with oscilloscopes that do not provide probe power


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