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High Voltage TDR-1669 : Reflectometer


Automatic Identification of Key Cable Parameters (cable length and distance to fault). Quick Location of Faults. 32 Accessible Memory Locations for Internal Trace Storage. Large 10.4” VGA Color Display

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High Voltage TDR-1669
Portable Arc Reflection Radar

The Model 1669 is specially designed for use with thumpers connected to an arc reflection filter for “pre-locating” high resistance (pinhole) faults in buried promary power cables. It will also locate low resistance faults, splices, and opens on a stand-alone basis.

Digital radar captures and holds the fault trace at the instant of the thump. Software then automatically positions a merketer at the fault and the distance to the fault is indicated on the screen.

The Model 1669 portable cable radar is packaged in a rugged weather resistant plastic case. The Model 1669 can be bolted to most hand trucks. It is compaticle with most combination thumper/filters.


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