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Transmation 4238P: Pneumatic Vacuum Pump,0 to -600 mmHg


Pneumatic Vacuum Pump,0 to -600 mmHg

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Transmation 4238P
Vacuum Pump

Generate pressure or vacuum where you need it with either Transmations Model 6215P (Pressure) or Model 4238P (Vacuum) Pump.

The pumps are tube type, cylindrical shaped hand pumps with a T handle at the compressor end and a round knob at the volume adjust end. The overall length is between 11.5″ (full extension) and 8.5″ (fully collapsed). They incorporate a needle valve for venting and a volume adjust vernier for precision adjustment of pressure.

Pressure or vacuum connections are made through one 1/8″ NPT internally threaded fitting. The pump is small in size, lightweight and ruggedly constructed to withstand typical field use.

Every technician can carry one in their toolbox and be ready to go.


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