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PIE 422: Thermocouple Calibrator


Thermocouple Calibrator

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PIE 422
Calibrator; Thermocouple –


  • Source and Read Fourteen T/C Types plus mV
  • J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, G, C, D, L (J DIN), U (T DIN) & P (Platinel): -13.000 to 80.000 mV
  • Calibrate with Confidence
  • Resolution to 0.1 F & C; Accurate to 0.2
  • Faster Calibrations
  • Instantly select three outputs with EZ-CHECK switch
  • Easily find trip points with two speed EZ-DIAL knob & Automatic Stepping
  • Easily Change T/C Types & Scale
  • Double click to select T/C type & F & C
  • Easy-to-Read Display
  • Turn on the backlight to read in dark areas of the plant
  • Use in the Plant, Field or Shop
  • Includes Rubber Boot and mV Test Leads
  • Low profile switches resist accidental damage
  • Simple “No Tool” Battery Changes
  • Four inexpensive “AA” batteries
  • Verify Cold Junction Temperature & Output
  • Secondary Display of compensated millivolt setting and cold junction temperature


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