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Megger BITE 3: Battery Impedance Tester


The Megger BITE 3 detemines health of lead-acid cells up to 200 Ah. On line testing with Pass/Warning/Fail calculations. Measures impedance, interconnection resistance and cell voltage. Measures float and ripple currents.

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The Megger BITE 3 Battery Impedance Tester Equipment determines the health of lead-acid cells up to 2000 Ah by taking measurements of the most important battery parameters.

The BITE 3 measures cell impedance, an internal ohmic test, cell voltage, intercell connection resistance and ripple current. And, for the first time in a battery instrument, the BITE 3 measures float current and the harmonic content of the ripple current. There is even a built-in spectrum analyzer to show the harmonic content of the ripple current. It has firmware that can be upgraded through the Internet and supports multiple languages.


  • Calculates impedance automatically and stores results for on-site review to make immediate decisions.
  • Serial connector for uploading stored data to a personal computer and to download data from ProActiv.
  • Measures lead-acid cells up to 2000 Ah to test a wide range of batteries.
  • On-line testing requiring no downtime and introduces less risk to battery testing compared to load testing and other techniques.
  • Stores more than 1 million cells’ data in any string configuration – no need to stop, download, delete and continue.
  • Firmware and software updates are fast and easy for ProActiv and the BITE 3 through the Internet.
  • No programming skills required. ProActiv is an easy to use, fully functional battery database capable of storing as much information and data as your hard drive (or network) has memory to store.
  • ProActiv has the ability to import images such as IR thermographs, diagrams or photographs. This helps to document visual inspections, string configurations, installation techniques, or other aspects of battery systems. Images and data are stored together, providing convenient and easy access.
  • The BITE 3 and ProActiv accommodate multiple languages.


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