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HIOKI 3239: Digital Multi Meter


Digital Multi Meter

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The 3237, 3238, and 3239 Digital HiTesters can perform 3.3 ms high-speed sampling, and come equipped with a comparator, external input and output, and an RS-232C interface. These three highperformance DMMs can be used not only in laboratories, but in production lines that require the minimal tact time. The 3239 includes the functions of the 3238 plus the 4-terminal resistance measurement function. All three units are designed with emphasis on measurement speed and safety.


  • Samples at rates of up to 300 samples/sec. (3.3 ms/sample)
  • True RMS value measurement
  • Comparator function provides high-speed pass/fail evaluation
  • Interface supports full remote operation
  • Equipped with external input and output for sequence control
  • DC V basic accuracy: 0.01% rdg.2dgt.
  • Usefull Save/Load function helps work go faster
  • All the functions of the 3238, plus 4-terminal m-Ohm measurement
  • Low power resistance measurement function prevents sample deterioration


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