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High Voltage PTS-130: DC Hipot Tester


DC Hipot Tester

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High Voltage PTS-130
Hipot; 130kV, DC –

The PTS Portable DC Test Set Series of CE marked products are combination high voltage DC proof testers and HV . Testing for dielectric strength and insulation resistance is now served with one instrument, saving money, size and weight. The PTS series is designed and constructed with fi eld use in mind. It is rugged, reliable and contains all of the features needed for electrical maintenance testing of new or installed electrical apparatus.

Three one piece construction models are available: 37.5kV, 75kV and 80kV rated up to 10 mA. Our 100kV, 130kV and 200kV models are designed with separate controls and HV tank. They are fully adjustable and may be used to their full rating for either Hipot or Megohmmeter applications.

The PTS Series can be used as a high voltage DC Proof/Hipot tester or as a high voltage Megohmmeter. It is used to proof test or megohm cable insulation, switchgear, motors, transformers, insulators, generators and other electrical apparatus. Its combination Hipot/HV Megohmmeter capability makes it extremely versatile, especially for fi eld testing applications.


  • Five range current meter with a 0-1.0μA low range for Leakage Current measurements with resolution to 10 nanoamperes
  • Megohm readings at any output voltage
  • Regulated input for accurate, reliable results. Ideal for field generator use. 1% stability with 10% line change (PTS-37.5 & PTS-75 models)
  • Internal HV shorting solenoid with discharge resistor
  • Continuous Duty Cycle
  • Automatic transit protected meters
  • Rugged case with cushion grip handles
  • Glass front meters eliminate static buildup


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