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Fluke 80i-400: AC Current Clamp


AC Current Clamp

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Fluke 80I-400
Current Probe (CT); 400A, Clamp-On –

The Model 80i-400 is a clamp-on ac current probe designed to extend the current measuring capability of an ac current meter to 400 amperes. A clamp-on, 1000-turn coil designed into the probe allows measurements to be made without breaking the circuit under test. The coil serves as the secondary of a current transformer. The current carrying conductor being measured serves as the primary.

The 80i-400 is a single range 400A ac current clamp with current output via safety shrouded banana plugs. The 80i-400 is compatible with most Fluke multimeters or any other current measurement device that accepts shrouded banana plugs.


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