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Dranetz 314: Phase Angle Multimeter


Phase Angle Multimeter

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Dranetz 314
Meter; Phase Angle, 3 Phase –

A commonly use meter is the Dranetz 314 phase angle meter. It features comparison of phase angles by current and current, voltage and voltage and voltage and current. It has dual current and voltage inputs with a maximum input voltage of 230 VAC and a maximum current of 10 amperes. It is built with a sturdy case that can withstand rough handling.


  • Clamp-on CT eliminates the need to break the current circuit, making measurements possible where interruption of power is not practical
  • Wide range of both the current and voltage inputs makes scaling or tap selection unnecessary
  • LCD display provides outstanding readability in medium to high ambient light
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides excellent portability for field use
  • Input Voltage: 5 to 750 Vrms Impedance: 560 k, typical
  • Inputs: Safety-shrouded banana connectors
  • Input Current 100 mA to 20 Arms at CT input (10 mA to 25 A, typical)
  • Phase Angle: 180, nominal
  • Accuracy: (5 A, 120 V, 60 Hz, 25 C)


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