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Doble M4110: Leakage Reactance Interface


Leakage Reactance Interface

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Doble M4110 Equipment Specifications

The M4110 Leakage Reactance Interface enables the M4100 Automatic Insulation Analyzer to measure the short circuit impedance of transformers, a vital tool for diagnosing winding deformation.

Mechanical forces resulting from system condition such as overcurrent or transportation can cause displacement of the winding. Once a winding becomes distorted, its ability to withstand stress is severely limited and transformer failure is inevitable.

The M4110 Leakage Reactance test, also referred to as the short-circuit impedance test, is a reliable indicator of transformer winding deformation.

The leakage reactance within a transformer is sensitive to the geometrical changes in the leakage flux path. The leakage flux path is predominantly made up of space between the winding, space within the winding, and space between the winding and the tank wall.

Features of the M4110

  • Assesses Winding Deformation:
    • verifies geometric integrity of winding
  • Repeatability:
    • all test results independent of transformer’s temperature, deterioration or contamination levels
  • Simple to Use:
    • recommends a test potential and performs all necessary calculations
  • Automated Data Analysis:
    • automatically calculates changes in impedance and reactance based on benchmark/nameplate values
  • Comprehensive Reports:
    • evaluates winding conditions
  • Automated Testing and Simple Test Results Management:
    • Saves in XML format
    • Simple way to access and display results
    • 10 test results can be saved on one form
    • Nameplate information recommends best test current to use
      • Insures reliable and accurate results

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