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Altek Calibrator 830: Multifunction Process Calibrator


Multifunction Process Calibrator

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Altek 830
Calibrator; Process, Multifunction –

The TechChek 830 sources and reads DC like a milliamp or voltage calibrator, simulates and measures T/Cs & RTDs like a temperature calibrator, generates and counts frequency and Counts-Per-Minute like a frequency calibrator and displays pressure like a precision test gauge. Troubleshooting? It checks continuity with a beeper and measures AC line voltage like a multimeter!


  • Accuracy to 0.025% of full scale
  • Source & read mA, mV, & V
  • Simulates & measure T/C’s & RTD’s
  • Generate & Count Hz & CPM
  • Reads Pressure & AC Volts
  • 20 Built in engineering units
  • Automatic off, extends battery life
  • Digital Accuracy with analog simplicity
  • Ac adapter jack


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UOM - Unit of Measure


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