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Altek Calibrator 311A: Universal RTD Calibrator


Universal RTD Calibrator

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Altek 311A
Calibrator; RTD –

The Model 311A has been designed to calibrate every type of RTD monitoring and measuring device. The enhanced circuitry of the 311A makes it compatible with a wider variety of instruments than other RTD calibrators.

Some newer process control equipment use a pulsed excitation current to measure RTD sensors. This includes some smart transmitters, multi-channel recorders and inputs to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), computers and digital control systems.

The Model 311A is designed to work with these devices and accepts intermittent current pulses as short as 10 milliseconds. It calibrates devices with excitation currents of as little as 0.090 mA and as high as 10.20 mA


  • Universal Compatibility Operates with devices that use pulsed excitation currents including PLCs, DCSs, and multi-channel recorders. Wide excitation current range (0.09 to 10.2 mA) for compatibility with most field instruments.
  • Simulate RTDs into Smart Transmitters Works with a wide variety of models including Rosemount 3144 and Honeywell STT series.
  • Simulate and Read RTDs in C and F Compatible with eight different platinum, copper and nickel sensors.
    • Pt 100ohms; 1.3850 DIN/IEC 751/JIS 1604-1989.
    • Pt 100ohms; 1.3916 Old JIS 1604-1981.
    • Pt 100ohms; 1.3902 US Industrial, Burns.
    • Pt 100ohms; 1.3926 US Lab.
    • Cu 10ohms; 1.4274 Minco.
    • Cu 50ohms; 1.4280 China.
    • Ni 120ohms; 1.6720.
    • Ni 110ohms; 1.5801 Bristol 7 NA.
  • User-Settable Quik-Cheks Recall three output settings instantly.


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