AEMC 8230 w/MN193-BK: PowerPad Jr. Model 8230 w/MN193-BK

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8230 w/MN193-BK
PowerPad Jr. Model 8230 w/MN193-BK


Product Features:

  • Measures up to 660Vrms or VDC
  • Measures up to 6500AAC or 1400ADC (probe dependent)
  • Displays Min, Max and Average Volts and Amps, Crest Factor, Peak value and K-Factor
  • Calculates and displays Watts, VARs and VA, Power Factor and
  • Displacement Power Factor for single-phase and balanced three-phase
  • Displays total harmonic distortion (THD-F and THD-R) for voltage and current
  • Displays individual harmonic values and % for Volts and Amps through the 50th harmonic
  • Stores up to eight screen captures
  • Stores up to 1MB of trend recorded data
  • Configurable from DataView software or front panel
  • Captures, displays and stores inrush current waveforms and statistics
  • Download stored data to DataView software via optical with isolated USB port
  • Captures up to 4096 alarm events using up to 10 different thresholds
  • Displays and records up to 17 different power quality parameters
  • Includes software FREE.


Equipment Specifications

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Product Name AEMC 8230 w/MN193-BK: PowerPad Jr. Model 8230 w/MN193-BK
UOM - Unit of Measure EACH
Manufacturer AEMC